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Buying Gemstones in Nigeria

Are you heading to Nigeria to buy some gemstones soon? If so, as you plan on your gemstones buying trip to Nigeria.Here are a few answers to your questions.

1,Where can i buy gemstones in Nigeria?
Gemstones can be delivered anywhere in Nigeria.The main buying centers are in Lagos,Jos and Ibadan.

2,How can i avoid paying too much or buying fakes?
Educate yourself.I always tell people to learn about gems first before thinking of buying.There are online resources and schools.Alternatively, find an experienced person in the gem business to guide you.

3,Can i get certificates for my gem purchases in Nigeria?
There are no gemological labs in Nigeria to issue certificates.

4. Are there trust worthy dealers i can buy gems from.For example,dealers who belong to associations ?
Yes there are trustworthy dealers.However,trusted dealers do not necessarily belong to associations.Some associations are more political than professional.

5,In terms of price.What range should i be looking at?
Gemstones prices are not fixed.Prices of rough stones are determined by Clarity,Colour,Weight,rarity,market demand and what buyers are ready to pay.No two rough gems are exactly the same.So you do not put a price tag on them.

6,How do i get my stones out of the country?
 You pay the relevant tax(royalty) and a dealer will provide the relevant  export papers.

7,When is it a good time to embark on the buying trip?  
The seasons are an important factor when considering a buying trip.There are two seasons here,rainy and dry seasons.Mining is particularly more active during the dry season and slower during the rainy season.As a result, yeilds are often far in between during the rainy season.
Dry season: JAN- MARCH, OCT - DEC.

Q&A with C Alan Ochiuwa

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